Circus Kathmandu

Address : Jhamsikhel
Contact : 9843130995
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Name : Circus Kathmandu
Number: 9801131995

Circus Kathmandu - Empowering Change, Nepal's First & Only Contemporary Circus. 

Circus Kathmandu powerfully demonstrates ethical, creative and entrepreneurial alternatives. Our model creates real-life inspiration success stories, helping young people to take control of their own lives and to also become human rights advocates. 

What we do:

1. Corporates Gigs

2. Ticket Shows

3. Workshops - Tourist Circus Workshops, Team building workshops, Children Workshops, 

4. Classes - Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Hula-hooping, Juggling, Ariel Fabrics

5. Sapana Workshop/Every Saturday: For Marginalised Children Youths

6. Advocacy Forum Theater drama Outreach: on Social Issues


Shift :
Timings :

Acro/Gymnastics, Ariel, Hulahoop class