Mind Mastery Workshop, Don't miss 30% Discount with Aimnotes

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Venue : Opposite to British Embassy , Lainchour Kathmandu

Duration : 1 Day

Fee: NRS 5,000/-

Special Discount code : AIMDISC01

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This intensive Mind Mastery workshop helps you to discover and develop your mind’s potential. Our mind power management methods are based on both the latest international scientific discoveries and ancient Eastern wisdom. The workshop is religiously neutral, but has soul-nourishing spiritual content.

 It will help you to create miraculous changes in your future by reprogramming your mind. You will discover and utilize the true potential of your subconscious mind, wipe out the shadows of negativity from your mind and fill yourself with the positive energy required for a successful and abundant life.

The workshop helps you to visualize the goals you desire, and achieve all that within minimum time. You will be taught highly effective techniques to eliminate any negative thoughts, attitude and behavior that drag you down to failure in life. You will learn to reorient your objectives as per your values, abilities and aptitude to design a successful life and career.
You will discover invaluable practical methods that can help you create health, immense wealth and harmonious relationships. Mind Mastery is your royal road to Total Transformation in your Life!

Disclaimer: The Mind Mastery workshop is an educational workshop for creating positive mindset to build and nurture your lifestyle. The concepts and theories in the workshop are of international standard. Attending the workshop alone will not create any change in the life of the participants. Learning and regular practice of the theories and principles are required for positive results
Refund Policy: If any bonafide participant after actively participating till the end of the workshop honestly believes that the learning from the workshop is not suitable for his or her personal requirements, he or she can apply for the refund of the fee. However, refund options must be exercised in writing with valid reasons, on the same day of the training before leaving the venue.


Please contact us for course detail and fee 
Phone: 9851030147
Email : mindmasterynp@gmail.com