FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Aim Notes?

AimNotes is a new website, designed as online directory cum classifieds especially for the organization who is dedicated on spread knowledge, enhance skills by organizing training, workshops, seminar and providing all kind of educational services in or for Nepal. AimNotes is also a new platform where all these organizations and institutes can represent themselves and offer their services in front of training seekers.

It is a place where training seeker can explore and get information of wide range of courses and services available, or offered by the member of AimNotes.

2. Who are the member of AimNotes?

Any person or organization who signed up/registered and made their profile in Aimnotes are the member of AimNotes.

3. Who can Sign up /register and make profile ?

Any person or organization who are providing training, organizing classes and in educational services of any kind can sign up/ register and make profile.

4. Do I need to pay to sign up and make profile ?

No, signing up  and make profile is free in this website.

5Do I need to sign up to search for classes and training institute?


6. How to search for classes/ course in this website ?

If you know category of the training, you can use category and subcategory and check in the institute’s profile available or you can type keyword in search bar available in the right corner of the website.

7. How to contact institutes?

When you find desired courses you can call or email for the details of the course you want to join.

8. How to Sign Up/register?

If You are new to this site, you need to register by following the steps below:

  1. Go to www.aimnotes.com
  2. Click the Sign up  which is placed at the top right side of the main Page.
  3. You will be asked to fill up a form where you need to fill a brief detail along with the username, mobile number, email and password. The Username and Password entered here will be used for the Log In purpose later.
  4. After you fill up the form, please recheck your form in case of any mistake. If everything is Ok, Click Sign Up Button. Please provide valid mobile no as Verification code will be sent on that number.
  5. Now, you will get on verification code in SMS in your Mobile, you need to fill the code in the form for verification and it is done.

9. How to make profile?

After you sign up you have to log in to the website. You can make profile from "profile setting. Fill the form and click on Save Button.